This Week in Addiction News

Firstly, it’s been far too long since we had a post from Faces of Addiction.

Secondly, a writer over at Psychology Today points out that lots and lots of people do drugs, and have forever, and probably will forever. Often they do it to great wealth and acclaim. No argument or policy can be complete without realizing that fact.

Here’s an interesting attempt to define “hitting bottom”. My personal opinion is that, as the article mentions, everyone has a different bottom; so how can you tell what anyone’s bottom is to say if they have or haven’t reached it? I don’t find it a very useful diagnostic concept, though it may have therapeutic applications.

Even though beach season’s almost over, this list of addiction books for the beach is still very much worth reading.

And, lastly, two stories about Methadone. Check out some of those related articles, they make for great reading and I’ll be discussing some of them here soon.

Have a great weekend!