This Week in Addiction News

In marijuana news this week, Dutch legislation might change the way tourist look at Amsterdam; and there’s some speculation on what a legal pot market might look like closer to home.

Also commenting on the home drug market, this article gives a chilling look at how prescription drug cost is making Americans play dangerous games with their health.

Here’s something that’s only tangentially related to addiction, but I find it fascinating: an investigation into commercial energy drinks. Among all the substances we use and abuse in order to alter our consciousness, regardless of how terrible they are for us, I think energy drinks are the most often overlooked. It’s high time they were investigated.

And, finally, here’s a fascinating study on how cocaine addiction puts cellular ‘brakes’ on emotion and motivation, which stick around even when cocaine is no longer in the system.

As always, we here at BACA are wishing you a safe and fun weekend!