This Week in Addiction News

A small study indicates that the shape of alcohol glasses might affect how fast we drink. An interesting way in which drinking behaviors are so much more complicated than we normally think. Also a reminder that, though science may just be investigating it now, those with an economic interest in drunkenness have known these little tricks for centuries.

Electronic cigarettes provide a nicotine hit while avoiding some of the physiological damage of “real” cigarettes. I’m interested to hear what you think of this as a way of quitting smoking. Is it replacement therapy? medication management? Does it count as being “clean”? Tell us in comments!

A study seems to have found an “Internet addiction gene”. I’m a bit skeptical, but it definitely looks like an interesting line of study. What do you think?

From Addiction and Recovery News, more on methadone.

And, lastly — but not surprisingly — factors other than pain determine painkiller use after surgery.

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