This Week in Addiction News

Over at Addiction and Recovery News, we get a fascinating (if not totally accurate) look at how the ancient Greek philosophers understood addiction. In contrast, the blog’s writer, Jason Schwartz, presents a defense of his own preferred ‘hijacked brain’ metaphor.

We’ve got some more reports from last week’s conference of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence!

Tufts Medical School releases new research indicating that bulimia may be more like chemical addiction than previously thought.

Addiction Inbox has brought us stories about “bath salts” before, but now gives the full rundown of what they are, what they aren’t, what they can do, and who’s doing it. Definitely worth a read!

Over at Psychology Today, it’s the beginning of a three-part series on different definitions of addiction. (In case you weren’t sure: here at BACA, we tend to go for the ‘disease’ one.)

Here’s an… ah… interesting look at the drug habits of London clubbers. While the sample size is a little small for my liking, it’s interesting to think about the different uses and cultures that fall under the umbrella of ‘illegal drugs’. It’s worth remembering that ‘drug addicts’ is actually a huge and diverse category under which all kinds of people are looking for all kinds of things.

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